Cannot tell you how excited I was yesterday to log in to and stumble  (and it was a stumble, too) upon the frankly astounding bit of news that I was the  number one (that’s NUMBER ONE) most popular author in their Kindle biographies and memoirs category, and number 6 across all versions of  all books. Of course, I’m well aware that it’s mostly only authors  who spend any time feverishly checking such stats – tragic insecure folk that we are  –  but I make no apology for sharing as I’m just too excited. This is a career first for me, after all.

Of course it does help that  I have quite a few titles out there currently, and that I’ve had the privilege of ghosting some pretty incredible stories – so huge thanks to all my co-writers and collaborators. Not to mention my incredible agent, Andrew Lownie, and the various amazing editors I’ve worked with, and the incredible readers and, oh Lordy, I should stop right now, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, to celebrate, I did three things.

1. Had the Amazon logo tattooed on my backside.

2. Took a screenshot

3. Finally got my US Amazon Author Page done and verified.

And, yes, one of those was a lie. I had already booked the tattoo and it’s ringfenced for a column…

Anyway, here is the link:

:) As you were.

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