Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very’; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.
Mark Twain

Before Lynne’s course, I was a revved up sports car after a three gin lunch, full of ideas, ambition and passion, but prone to crashing into a central reservation of procrastination and improbability. The content of the course was the steadying hand that transformed my desire into direction and eventual publication. I owe Lynne a lifetime of three gin lunches as thanks.”
Dan Tyte, author of ‘Half Plus Seven’, published by Parthian Books.


Fledgling author? Budding novelist? Interested in honing your writing skills a little further? If you’re in reach of central Cardiff, then you might like to enrol for my 2016/17 courses. This year, by popular demand (which is a nice thing to be typing) I am teaching Novel Writing Workshop twice, in both the autumn and spring terms:

Tuesday morning classes, 10 am to noon, starting September 27th 2016

Wednesday morning classes, 10 am to noon, starting January 25th 2017

Enrolment for both is now open. Just visit my course page on the LEARN website for more details…

Or visit in person: The Cardiff Centre For Lifelong Learning, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff
Telephone: 02920 870000
Website: www.cardiff.ac.uk/learn


Telling Tales
This course is for everyone interested in writing fiction. Visit the Telling Tales page for the full details.
Novel Writing Workshop
A course designed for anyone commited to writing a novel. Find out more on the Novel Writing Workshop page.


Can’t get to Cardiff?
No problem…


My two step-by-step writing guides, NOVEL and Telling Tales, are both out now as ebooks. Based on my Cardiff University courses of roughly the same name they are designed for anyone who has a burning desire to write and would like some common sense nuts-and-bolts guidance.

Visit the Shop for more details…