I feel incredibly blessed to have a column. Being forced to write 750 words about my life every week is like flossing, or keeping up a fitness regime; it’s laying down groundwork for the future. At some point, when I’m gone, my children will be able to read my column archive and wonder anew at the slightly bonkers things that preoccupied their late mother most weeks of the year.

I’ve been writing a column for the Western Mail since 2006 – over 13 years, almost 700 columns, some 700 weeks in which, at some point, without fail, I’ve said ‘arrgh, I do not have an idea in my head!’. I suspect this is true of columnists everywhere.

But it seems I did, and I do, and I hope I keep doing so. So, if you’re in Wales or the borders, you can find it every Saturday in the Weekend Magazine, or you can access all my recent columns here.