Stop Press!!! December ’19


Click here to find out more about my latest writing adventure – my first psychological thriller, Can You See Me?, published by the brilliant Thomas and Mercer. I am beyond excited about it – not only because I’ve lived with the idea for almost a decade, but because it’s unlike anything I’ve written since I was seventeen years old and bashing out dark, edgy, Roald-Dahl’s-tales-of-the-Unexpected-type short stories on my dad’s old typewriter, in my bedroom. It’s officially published globally on Jan 1st 2020, but for this month, if you’re an Amazon First Reads subscriber (it’s free and simple to sign up) in the UK or Australia, you can get an early copy of the book for a discounted price, or if you’re a Prime member, the ebook for free.

For a flavour, see the reviews on goodreads and amazon, and huge thanks if you’ve already read and reviewed. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the response to it!


Hi, I’m Lynne. Welcome to my website – the place where you can find answers to all those me-related questions that you probably never even realised you wanted answers to. Be it about my ghostwriting, my novels, my teaching and/or my columns, it’s all here. Plus, of course, a blog. Which I’ll admit feels such a burden in these blog-infested times that God only knows what sort of rubbish you might find there. All I can promise you is that it will be from the heart. And possibly about writing, since I do that for a living. But currently more likely to be Poldark-related. (See ‘from the heart’, above.)
What else? Oh yes, links. Lots of those, obviously.What more is there to say? I think I’m done here. Come on in…