Well, you get these ideas in your head sometimes, don’t you? This story, first written in around 1996 (jeepers) was the result of the purchase of a splendid velvet coat  (I still have it)  and some mad dream I had on holiday  in Andalucia, which I scribbled down – and it’s pretty much an accurate re-telling – as soon as I woke  up. It was published in the legendary QWF magazine that same summer and, apart from pulling it out and filing it in a poly-pocket for posterity, I’ve not so much as given it a thought since.

Till this morning, that is, when I realised it was the Dr Who half-century (like anyone could miss it), and I thought ‘I know – I’ll take some pix of it (it pre-dates all technology beyond the floppy disc) and wang it up here as my  personal homage’. Gold stars to all who can immediately recognise which incarnation I was rocking around London with that night.

It’s quite raw. This was early in my writing career. But it’s of its time. Which, as I’m sure any Timelord will tell you,  is a thing to be tampered with at one’s peril…



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