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Notes and Queries...

If you’re an aspiring writer, I’ve recently been introduced to a cracking new website that might be of interest. was set up by Oliver Adams, a young Sydneysider (is that right? I might have plucked that from nowhere…) who has pulled together a fabulous online resource for anyone with ambitions related to the written word. Be it novel writing, screenwriting, scriptwriting or poetry, you are sure to find something to help and inspire. I highly recommend.

There’s also an interview with me (you saw that coming, of course) in which I muse on writing-matters various. You can find it here. Hope there’s something of use in there!

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Incredible Kratu is published in hardback, ebook, and audiobook, on Monday 7th March 2022

What exciting things did you do during the pandemic? Well, Tess Eagle Swan and I mostly did this! Far and away one of the most unique projects I’ve ever worked on (most of it over zoom, and deploying my giant monitor to best effect, so we could myopically pore over every single word), Incredible Kratu is a barn-stormer of a memoir; one I knew I had to get involved with from the minute I met this gentle giant of a dog, and his complex, inimitable, amazing human friend. Honestly could not be prouder of what we’ve achieved together.

Here’s the blurb:

A solitary child who only really found solace in nature, Tess Eagle Swan ran away from home aged sixteen and, by her late twenties, had already survived violence and drug addiction. In the following decade, life spiralled further out of control, as substance abuse filled the hole meaningful relationships should have occupied. Something had to change.

Tess had always loved animals, so when she saw a post on Facebook about the plight of two dogs in Romania, she was moved to take action, helping find homes for both. It was the first step on the road that led her to Kratu – the Carpathian/Mioritic Shepherd cross she adopted in 2014. From his humble beginnings on a Roma camp in Transylvania, Kratu has gone on to become a canine international treasure. Now a trained assistance and therapy dog, he has brought joy to millions with his lovable antics – not least with his legendary appearances at Crufts. But the role he has played in Tess’s story is more compelling still. After a lifetime of distress, Tess and Kratu’s bond allowed Tess to finally learn to love herself and answer some of the questions behind her troubled beginnings. 

Incredible Kratu is the inspirational true story of this unlikely pair, who found in each other the love and support they needed to beat the odds and turn both their lives around.

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