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Virtual Strangers


Fed up, frustrated and fast approaching forty, Charlie Simpson hasn’t had many high points in her life just lately. The only peak on the horizon is her ambition to climb Everest, if she could only get organised and save up the cash.
Unfortunately, though, she has more pressing things to deal with; her eldest son moving out, her father moving in, and her best friend moving two hundred miles away. She finds solace, however, via her newly acquired modem, when she stumbles upon a stranger who’s a like-minded soul. Like-minded, perhaps, but no fantasy dream date. Though virtual, he’s of the real-life variety – he may be a hero, but he has a wife.
Charlie hasn’t got a husband, but she certainly has principles, and they’re about to be hauled up a mountain themselves. And, of course, her mum’s always said she shouldn’t talk to strangers. The question is, is now the time to start breaking the rules?

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‘A charming and optimistic novel about modern love’
– Hello Magazine

‘A laugh out loud read’
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A new edition of Virtual Strangers was published in February 2008
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