Though part of me thinks no good can come of it, here’s the link to my recent TEDx talk at King’s College London’s TEDx event – Beyond the Gene.

Yes, I’ve watched, from a safe place behind the sofa. And though you might not feel quite so trepidatious I feel I must include here a couple of pointers as an aid to your concentration and viewing pleasure.

1. If you, too, ghost, you might find it quite interesting.

2. I stop saying ‘um’ so much a couple of minutes in.

3. As an aid to health and fitness, doing a TEDx talk works wonders. Since seeing the first still I embarked on a frenzied health and fitness programme. I now weight half a stone less and can lift 20kg.

4. Other TEDx talks are, of course, available.

Only ribbing. It was fun and I’m really rather proud. I’m out there in the TED firmament! Woop de woop :)

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