So, the first five are in and already I’m  fascinated. I’ve had a fair few books in translation – most memorably, one Polish translation that had a girl in office garb hanging ten across the cover on a surfboard (well, this was 2000, and plays on the expression ‘surfing the web’ were new and fresh and fab) – but this is the first title I’ve seen published in so many countries at once, and, in some cases, we still have the paperback incarnation to come, as we all know they almost always change the jackets for the paperback market, just to make them a ittle more, well, paperbacky.

Anyway, the point is, I’m just interested, from an artist’s point of view (yes, I’m allowed; I have oil paints AND several grades of pencil) and thought, for no good reason other than simple  connectivity, that I would share them with you :)  Here they are. A little indicator into national characteristics?  Discuss…  Just speculating. More to come, soon as I get them.  🙂



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