…till the publication (finally) of the first of my ebooks on writing; NOVEL. Plan it. Write it. Sell it. I say ‘finally’ because this has been on the to-do list since around 2010, but my work life has just been a teeny bit manic in the interim. Anyway, hurrah hallooo hallay and all that, because I can at last pop a tick beside it and Get On.

NOVEL Plan it. Write it. Sell it. By Lynne Barrett-Lee. 19/08/2013. www.thistlepublishing.co.uk


novelThere has never been an easier time to get your fiction in front of readers – just look at the millions of self-published books uploaded to Amazon.  But if you want success of a commercial kind – i.e. to write a novel that will sell – then you need to take the time to learn your craft. To ask yourself key questions: what are the components that make a novel unputdownable? How should you approach planning?  Create characters? Develop plots and subplots?  How do chapters work? How can you use dialogue to best effect?

But going the distance as a novelist is not just about ticking boxes. Neither is it just about talent. It’s about nailing your theme, having passion, about caring for your characters. It’s also about resilience –  how exactly do you find the wherewithal to go the distance with your novel? And assuming you have, how the heck do you find an agent?

Taking you right through the novel creation process and beyond, Novel aims to guide you towards the answers that will work best for you, pointing out common pitfalls, and helping you to chart a course through the entire creative process. Got a book burning inside you that you’d prefer to see sitting in a bookshop? Then welcome – your journey starts here.


About the author

Novelist and Ghostwriter Lynne Barrett-Lee has been a full time author since the mid 1990s, and after a successful period as a short story writer, with over 100 published stories to her name, has gone on to pen a dozen Sunday Times Bestsellers.

For two hours a week, however, she also enjoys teaching creative writing, running two popular classes at Cardiff University.

Novel, and its companion guide to writing short fiction, Telling Tales, are both written distillations of those courses.


For more information about Lynne and her published work, visit her websitewww.lynnebarrett-lee.com

Facebook: Lynne Barrett-Lee Author and Ghostwriter    Twitter: @LynneBarrettLee

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