There is nothing like a bestseller to brighten an author’s day. And, happily, by the powers of the mighty behemoth* that is Amazon,the modern author can enjoy a veritable smorgasbord of novel_sbestsellers. ‘In Authorship’ in this case (which is both appropriate and pleasing) but as we who peddle ebooks cannot fail to be aware of, there are these days almost as many categories of potential top-of-the-chartiness as there are categories, however niche, of books. ‘In memoir’, for example, or in ‘Commercial Women’s Fiction’, but I would bat not an eyelid if a book of mine hit the top spot ‘In books set in Cardiff with a sub-plot involving Moles‘, say, or ‘In novels containing the verb “to discombobulate”‘.

But it’s no less nice, for all that, because as authors also know,the oxygen of publicity is a particularly heady kind of oxygen, augmented, as it is, by precious molecules of potential, dancing around (as they do) with ones of joy.

So it is that I’m pleased to be able to state, unequivocally, that if you’re an Australian fledgling novelist, full of ambition but lacking focus, my little ebook – NOVEL, currently just $0.99 – is THE ebook to set you on your way. And that’s official. For the moment at least 🙂

*Other definitions are, of course, available.

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