What would you do if you suddenly discovered that your husband had been lying to you for years?

moonunderwater_coverFORWEBsHappily married, with two teenage sons, Alex Taylor considers herself lucky. And when she hears her childhood friend Cathy has died, she finds herself counting her blessings. She’s also surprised that she’s been left a bequest. They lost touch with one another almost twenty years ago. Why would Cathy remember her now?

She really can’t imagine but she’s about to find out, because she’s been left something else – something that changes everything. It’s a letter confessing to the two year affair Cathy had with Alex’s husband, Sam.  ‘But it’s history,’ he entreats. ‘It’s long over. It meant nothing.’ Surely Alex can forgive and forget?

Should she? And can she? She’s not at all sure. But it looks like she won’t be allowed to. Because it seems Cathy’s left them a third thing as well.  A teenage daughter. Who wants to come and find her father.

The Moon Under Water is a novel about secrets, and the ripples that spread when they are suddenly exposed. It’s also about how betrayal not only re-writes the past – it has the power to also re-write the future…

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