Forget all that stuff about finding the inner child; it’s sexual healing Julia Potter is after when husband Richard strays from the marital bed. The one he’s been playing in belongs to Rhiannon (North Cardiff single mum, siren and witch). He’s sorry, or so reads his Post-it apology, but, as he says, ‘Its so hard being a man…’


But Julia’s not ready to forgive or take up handicrafts quite yet. Re-styled, re-vamped and re-acquainted with hair gel, her new mission statement is ‘Up’. Unfortunate, then, that where sex is concerned, the only ‘up’ she can manage is up the wrong tree.

But at least Julia’s photographic career is back in focus. And it isn’t long befor she’s swoppingher teletubbies and tripod at Cardiff’s Time Of Your Life Photo Studio for the slinkier lines of a low-slung black pentax – the better to zoom in on the more mature torsos of Kite, Britain’s megastar number on band. But while Julia’s finding out who put the ‘Mmm…’ into mega, has her marriage to Richard gone into freefall?

Wonderfully funny and inspiring – I enjoyed it hugely‘ – Judy Astley

A fantastic book that will have you hooked from the first page‘ – New Woman magazine

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